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Business Quote For Today 

In July 2018, I will be opening the doors for my business, The Write Stuff Kapiti. 

I will be offering web design, IT Technical Writing and Social Media Management. 

I won’t lie, I’m both excited and nervous about becoming self-employed. There’s taxes, student loans and other expenses to pay, things that my former employers used to do all for me. There’s also the marketing, advertising and cold-calling to local businesses to garner interest. 

It’s a risk to go out on my own. It’s a risk because I’ve never been in business before. As scary as it is, it’s also something I feel like I need to do. After years of having terrible employers, waking up to their schedules and traveling, I can’t wait to wave goodbye to it all. I also can’t wait to no longer apply and attend job interviews or worst, feel rejection.

As I have one year to graduate from my Diploma and to gather steam on my business, I wait in anticipation on what lies ahead of me. 

I read that half of all businesses fail within the first year. I’m hoping that I beat the statistics and be the owner of a successful business for the rest of my working years. I hope that this business is it.


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