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In sickness and in health

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I’ll start off by saying that I’m not well. Very rarely do I get sick, maybe once a year at the most, if I’m unlucky. It’s April and this is the second time I’ve felt under the weather this year. Either there’s a super-duper spectacular bug going around, or my immune system has decided it’s taking another holiday. Or maybe I’m just over doing it. I’m guessing it could be the last one.

I may be new to this whole business-owner thing, but in my journey so far I’ve realized that setting up everything myself and out of my own pocket, is rather stressful. Mix in a new diet, or should I say, lifestyle regime (I’m upping the exercise and downing the sugar intake), my studies and working for the family business, and maybe I should slow down just a bit.

The thing with me is that I love to be busy. I thrive (or so I thought!) on a little bit of chaos and mayhem. I’m also a bit of a control freak when it comes to certain elements of my life. Sure, there are those things that I can’t control and I accept that, but my motto in life is: if I can do it myself,  I will. Which has inevitably left me at the point that I’m at right now – rundown and with a nasty head cold. It completely sucks!

Furthermore, not only does been unwell slow me down, it completely takes all of my motivation away. I’m tired, stressed and ill. Not a good combination. 

I tell myself to see the bigger picture and to keep going because I’ve come so far to give up now. Besides, it would feel wrong to go back to the time before I began this life changing process. If you’re only a few steps away from living your dream, would you give up just because of sickness? So that’s how I get back my motivation – even though I can’t be bothered right now, there are always going to be setbacks. There is always something that will trigger your mind into losing motivation. 

The mental hardship was something I wasn’t expecting. I’m a happy, glass-half-full kind of person who is mentally strong, but every now and then I find that I do question myself and my abilities. However, since I’ve had this flu bug, it’s really been pushing my limits. Lack of sleep definitely does not help.

What has helped is going for short 20-30 minute walks when I can and I’ve signed up for some more counselling. Even though I haven’t gone to counselling yet and I seem to be coping the best I can, it certainly helps to talk to someone. A little word of encouragement goes a long way.

Fast track my fourth day of the flu and I’m slightly better. The weather is sunny which, after days of rain, is a blessing. Vitamin D is very important! I’m slowly gaining back my motivation after a relatively good night’s sleep, and I’ll be finding the time to take a short, brisk walk. 

Starting a new business and lifestyle and then falling sick is not ideal, but I’ve survived harder times in my life. I’ve built a relatively robust way of dealing with any mental hardships that come my way – lack of sleep, self doubt, sickness and lack of motivation, but in the end, I’m fine. If life was easy, how would we ever learn to battle the challenges that we all will inevitably face? I don’t like been sick, unmotivated and full of self doubt, but I know that this time won’t last forever. It will all be alright in the end. 👍


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