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Why starting up my business is amazing 

To say that going into business is hard work would be an understatement. 

Just when you think you’ve got everything covered, suddenly something else comes up and you think, ‘should I get a lawyer or accountant to help me with that?’ It feels like so much needs to be done. And there is!

It’s understandable that you start to have doubts about yourself and your abilities. Is it worth it going down the self employment route? Will I be able to cope with sole financial responsibilities? Am I good enough at what I do? Is my hourly rate too high or is it too low?

It’s a lot to think about and self doubt is one of my biggest issues right now, along with paying tax and marketing myself and finding clients. However, I know all this doubt and worry will be worth it in the end. I can’t ever see myself applying for vacancies and competing against 100 others for a job that potentially could be a dead end for me and my career. 

Before I started this self employment journey, I was applying for jobs left, right and centre. 

If I got an interview, marketing myself for that particular position would be excruciating. Why do I have to prove to someone that I have the skills to do the job? It says I’m good enough to do the job in my resume. That is why I’m here!

So by attending an interview, it’s all about your character and personality. I get that before an employer hires someone, they need to meet them. However, not everyone interviews well, no matter how many interviews they’ve attended!

For some people it’s so nerve-wracking, they might stutter or sit in their chair clinching their sweaty hands together, looking like a total mess. It doesn’t mean that they can’t handle the job or the pressure. It could just mean that they want the job so badly, they become so nervous trying to impress the interviewer. I know all of this because that was my experience going for job interviews.

Oh, and don’t get me started on group interviews! The few group interviews I’ve attended in the past were absolutely humiliating. 

Everyone in those group interviews were falsely nice. You’re their competition, and they’re my competition, and when it comes to a job vacancy, I do not want to know what my competitor is like. It’s nothing personal, but if they look like they’re better than you, it doesn’t do much for your confidence. Not that other people should determine your level of confidence, but those of you that have ever attended a group interview, you know what I mean!

Well, the good thing about starting up my own business is that I don’t have to worry about applying for jobs anymore and attending job interviews. I do, however, have to market myself to a greater extend because I’m doing more than just applying for a job, I’m applying for clients. I offer more than just the ability to do a job well, I’m offering a service.

Of course, I’m learning more about the business world that I had not known before. 

Paying my own taxes, student loans, GST registration and earning up to a certain threshold before paying tax are all new concepts to me. It sounds daunting, but I’ve been assured that I’ll get used to all of this.

I also love the fact that I can work my own hours and do the kind of work that I’m passionate about. I also love that I can make up my own job description and job title -I’m a Managing Director.

I love that I own my business too, and that I’m the one that has created the business image. Yes, I’ve designed my website, business cards and social media accounts. 

I love that I’ve now got a legitimate excuse to constantly use social media! My love for social media communication has lead me into including social media as a part of my services. 

Yes, it’s all so exciting, nerve-wracking and stressful right now, but in all honesty, it’s going to be worth it. I can’t see myself doing anything else for the rest of my working life. The journey so far has been a positive and educational one, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning the more I continue on with my business. 


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